Online pussy888 apk download Poker Tournament: How Does it Works?

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Poker Tournament

In a poker game, there are two sides: poker cash games and poker tournaments. Though the two sider offer similar poker games, there are sets of rules and guidelines that they differ. Poker cash games, the chips you have in the game table have the exact value in your money currency. Bets are made through these chips with actual value like you are betting with the real money itself. Also, in poker cash games, you can have as many chips as you want to as long you will not exceed the limits of the game, but if you lose all chips you can buy your new stocks off chips again.

In an online pussy888 login poker tournament, the players will buy the agreed number of chips and price. When all chips are gone, they are eliminated in the game. The game will end if one player will win all of the entire chips.

There are a set of different poker tournaments, and to help you below is a list.


This is the standard poker tournament. You can have a stack of chips in exchange for your buy-in. When your chips are all gone, you are already out.


In this kind of tournament, there is a certain period of time in the game that the players are allowed to rebuy a stack of chips. Also, there is an “add on” period if you wish to add more chips. These rebuy periods will make players have another chance in betting and more willing to take risks making the whole tournament more thrilling and exciting.


The sit and go tournament will start with a required number of players not with the allotted starting game time.


These are tournaments where the prizes are seats to a higher value tournament.


The levels are faster. Instead of a traditional 20-minute game, it will take 3-10 minute-game only.

People will always find poker tournaments fun and more thrilling games.

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